Tyson Kraft’s “Before You Sleep” Is A Swooning Lullaby


Photo: Courtesy of Mammal Sounds

Aussie artist Tyson Kraft takes us into a starry-eyed sphere with his latest single “Before You Sleep,” a delicately crafted indietronica piece where the swooning croons and breathy synths capture the yearning for someone before we fall asleep. It’s a heartfelt anthem that is both buoyant and moody as Tyson pulls our heartstrings in a slow-burning motion:

Regarding the song, Tyson shared:

“You know that feeling when you’re really into someone, and you’re alone at night thinking, wow I wish I could be next to that person right now. Holding them and appreciating every waking moment that you’ve spent with them. That was basically the feeling I wanted to capture in this song. It was especially tricky because this was someone who was my friend, and there was a real and serious question -what would happen if I told this person how I really felt? This song was an outlet for me to express myself while keeping my true feelings under a big, heavy lid. Early on when we first started hanging out, I would send her soundcloud demos of rough songs I was working on. That then turned into me writing songs about her and then each month as a surprise I would send her a song I wrote for her.”

Tyson will be playing at The Workers Club in Fitroy on December 14th, so don’t miss him:

12/14 – The Workers Club (Victoria, Australia)