broox Relives Childhood Through Queer Lens In “She’s Been Listening”

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Still from She’s Been Listening YouTube

Whether you had a heteronormative childhood or was forced into one, broox gives us the opportunity to vicariously relive it through the queer lens in new video “She’s Been Listening” – and it hits both our nostalgia and novelty buttons. With laidback melody and daydream-drenched croons, “She’s Been Listening” recedes our minds back to early 2000s. The video shows broox reliving the 10-year-old version of herself, but in an openly queer way:

“This music video was thanking my 10-year-old self,” broox shared. “I got to revisit a queer baby wonderland and relive a time of exploration and fluctuation that is still relevant today. In many ways, the way I expressed myself in the early 2000’s style of clothing, awfully mismatched cargo shorts and graphic tees, have stuck with me throughout the years, having molded it into what truly makes me comfortable in who I am. Looking back at my 10-year-old self, she was confident, strong, and didn’t think twice about what people thought. She wore what she wants and wore it unapologetically. My 10-year-old self’s sense of quirky weird style is a metaphor for my life. She shaped me into who I am today.”

“She’s Been Listening” is from broox’ latest EP Over Easy, which is out now.