JGreen Dives Deeper Into Our Dark Psyche In “Demons”

A me vs. me anthem

Florida native artist JGreen addresses our constant inner struggle in new video “Demons” where we see the rapper face his own dark side that keeps spinning his head in an exorcist fashion. The visuals are dark and simple that only shows Tate, but despite being alone, we witness the presence of JGreen’s different personas who are represented by masked individuals. Through punchy lyrics and clever wordplay, JGreen addresses the mental chaos that takes place behind our public masks:

JGreen is only 20 years old, but has already garnered a wide fanbase with his music. His breakout single “Rugged” has more than 17 million views on YouTube and he’s been continuing to buzzing the rap scene with his grit-laden tracks. “I just want to sell a lot of records,” he shared. “I’m trying to reach that Prince level of fame. That rockstar status.”

Expect more beats from the rockstar next year.