Shallou Gives Us An Ominous Glimpse Into Our Current Climate Crisis In “Fading”

“Why would you go and throw it away?”

Photo: Courtesy of Island Records

There’s an undeniable sense of heartbreak and pre-breakup vibes in Shallou’s latest single “Fading” – a track that voices out the apathetic way we’re reacting to current global warming. Built on a smooth dose of bass and dipped with ethereal layers, “Fading” explores the disarmingly detached relationship we have with our planet. It’s moody, introspective and gut-wrenching as Shallou sinks his teeth deep into the subject. The video showcases a character who starts sinking into the water, symbolizing the self-induced doom that we’re all part of right now:

On the new single, Shallou shared: “It feels like humanity is falling out of love with the world we inhabit, losing touch with nature and chasing things devoid of meaning.”

Shallou is currently working on launching a climate change campaign and will be kicking off his 2020 Magical Thinking North America tour in April. Go see him:

Courtesy of Island Records