Charli Adams’ “Backseat” Is That Cinematic Soundtrack That You Wish Your Biopic Would Have

Music on, heads out the window

Photo: Bjorn Franklin

You know that scene in the movie when the teen protagonist pops his/her head out of the window while a smooth dreamy pop track starts playing? It’s such an iconic scene for every coming-of-age story and we all secretly want to do it. Nashville-based artist Charli Adams gives us that smooth melody filled with the breathiness and ethereal atmosphere of such magical instant in her new single “Backseat.” And like in true musician fashion, it was a track that just landed on her brain at the very last minute:

“The night before I was heading into the studio to finish the EP, I was on a drive with two of my friends on some back roads outside Nashville. It was the first time our conversation had ever felt robotic to me, like small talk among close friends. So I turned up the music and put my head out the window and tuned out for the rest of the drive. I went home that night to write Backseat and I immediately felt like it was the missing piece of the EP”

“Backseat” is from her upcoming debut EP Good At Being Young, which will be out on January 31st via Color Study. The gal will also be playing an EP release show, so go say hi:

31 Jan – The High Watt, Nashville