Dyllan Destroys Male Gaze In New EP ‘not your goddess’

Practice self-love

Photo: Julia Torchine

LA-based artist Dyllan spreads self-love and demolishes the orthodox institution of male gaze in her EP not your goddess. Through swooning riffs and slick croons, Dyllan takes us on a journey of self-discovery and identity while disabusing herself from the suffocating standards that come from objectification. Through metaphors of being worshipped and idealized, she taps into the pressures that a lot of women are subjected to as they grow up:

In regards to the influence behind her EP, Dyllan shared:

“I’ve been in more than one relationship where a man put me on a pedestal. Their reflection of me was how I framed my whole identity and feeling of self-worth. Because I was held to such a high standard of perfection, the moment I didn’t live up to their ideal, they would reprimand me and break me down. Women have been held to this impossible standard for too long; mythologized, objectified. We can’t win. We’re either goddesses or sorceresses, mermaids or witches. We’re shouted at on the street for not smiling, as if we’re the property of the collective male gaze. Being treated like a ‘goddess,’ isn’t what we’re here for anymore. We’re here for equality. We’re here to be treated as human beings. We don’t need the male gaze to feel confident, sexy, or valuable. We have self-love.”