LUVRS’ “Lady” Is A Dance With Lust


Photo: Ekaterina Murphy & Gavin Eastlack

LUVRS breaks down the unexpected and irresistible energy of lust through funky basslines and dribbling riffs in new single “Lady.” The track has a dense simplicity to it – the rhythm is simple enough for you to get easily hooked whereas the samples and beats are enriched with various twists that keeps you waltzing. It’s similar to lust in the sense that it’s not a complicated feeling (either you desire it or not), but lays heavy on your heart. If it doesn’t work out, you can always drive-thru Taco Bell while blasting this:

LUVRS is comprised of Brooklyn-based artists JAFÉ and DeModa who are self-taught and have been self-releasing their music. “Lady” is from the duo’s upcoming self-titled EP, which is still in the works.