emawk’s “tea” Is An Homage To All The Little Things That Make Life Better…Including Coffee


Photo: Courtesy of Yes Please

As we grow older, we find little joys that helps us get through the hardships of life. For NY artist emawk, it’s tea – that therapeutic warmth (or cold) of goodness made of the aroma of self-love. Graced with an intricate, slow-burning jam and poetic verses, “tea” taps into the daily difficulties of life ranging from heartaches to fears that we cope with thanks to those small joys:

“Tea makes me feel better about life in general, so I enjoyed writing about it. but the song isn’t just about tea. Tea in this case is also a metaphor for any simple thing that helps you deal with life’s ups and downs in a healthy way, and about doing your best to be hopeful in light of in spite of how difficult things may be,” shared emawk.

“tea” was mixed and mastered by emawk’s friend Zach Ezzy and it is the follow-up of his video “18,” featuring Riverdale star Hart Denton. Having already amassed more than 11 million streams, it’s safe to assume that emawk will continue to songsmith while sipping his tea.