For All Of Us Who Over-Obsess, Here’s July Jones’ “Switch It Off”


Photo: James Gallant

UK-Slovene artist Julie Jones delves into infatuation to the point that it starts running your imagination in new single “Switch If Off.” Constructed in a blend of pop and hip-hop elements, “Switch It Off” bounces between July rapping and chanting while its melody tilts towards a more minimalistic side. Switch the play button on:

In her own the words, the track “is about waking up from a one-night-stand and constantly thinking about the person you were with the night before. This is exactly what happened to my boyfriend & I, I became obsessed with fantasying about him to the point I couldn’t switch it (my mind) off.”

July will be supporting GIRLI at The Post Bar this Sunday, so go see her:

12/15 – The Post Bar (London, UK)