KIDSØ’s “Father” Is House Music With Sirens On It

It’s what the Greek gods listen to

Artwork courtesy of The Playground PR

Munich-based duo KIDSØ washes us with otherworldly frissons with their latest single “Father,” an ambient house music that is graced with siren-like female vocals. The track flows through your reward center while giving you that kick of moodiness to connect with your emotions. Taken from their upcoming record Childhood(out in March 2020), “Father” is a true dive into emotional dance music:

Check out the remix by Hior:

On their single and LP, the duo shared:

“Since we released our debut EP Apart, we tweaked quite a lot on our live set and equipment. Some of these tweaks affected our way of producing tracks for our upcoming LP. ‘Father’ is one of these tracks which emerged from playing and developing our live set this year. In the past month, we had to process some blows of fate and captured some of the feelings we had at that time in this song. ‘Father’ is a very melancholy but emotional song for both of us and we are very happy to announce it as the second single release of our LP Childhood.”

KIDSØ is Moritz Grassinger and Martin Schneider who have been making music since childhood (no pun intended). With more than 33 million Spotify plays, the duo is nowhere near stopping with their world domination.