Lloren Addresses Sexual Harassment In The Music Industry In “Warriors


Photo: Courtesy of Quite Great PR

Lloren brings forth the reality of sexual harassment in the music industry in her new single “Warriors” where she taps into the way some people abuse power to exploit women. “Warriors” is an empowering anthem where Lloren calls out any gender-bias BS and is fully transparent with the power dynamics that go on behind the scene. As an avid advocate of gender equality and LGBTQ+ rights, Lloren is not holding her teeth and claws back on this issue:

“I remember when I first started my journey into the music industry: I was young and naive, we have been told things have changed but what they really mean is people know what’s acceptable publicly now but that doesn’t mean stuff doesn’t go on behind closed doors.

Although this generation is moving things forward for equality, there are still areas of the Industry that reek of patriarchal rule,” shared Lloren.

Lauren Bannon is the mastermind behind Lloren who you probably know her from being The Voice UK 2018 Finalist. She’s getting ready for her tour next year and will be announcing more dates soon:

2/5 – The Waiting Room (London, UK)