Super Duper Makes Euphony Out Of Glitches In “Montage”

What an amazing moniker

Artwork courtesy of CentPourCent

Nashville-based producer Super Duper uses distortions and glitches in his sample-heavy ballad “Montage” and it literally makes you feel like you’re in a collage of fragmented beats and choppy rings that come together in harmony. It’s lyric-free and just lets your ears marvel in the constant pounding and shattering of the rhythm as you reorganize or block any thoughts. Hit play:

“’Montage’ is a feel-good song I made while experimenting with sampling. I definitely don’t incorporate a lot of samples in my production but The Chemical Brothers and Fatboy Slim are both big influences for me so I guess I’ve always had that sound inside me. Didn’t set out to create anything in particular when I started this…just let the samples lead the way and made sure it was as fun as possible!” shared Super Duper.