Kalpee Shows Us The Art Of Shifting Perspectives In New Summery Single “Miles Away”

A warm break from winter

Photo: Courtesy of Purple Bite

Hailing from Trinidad and Tobago, Kalpee takes us into the warm, gradient sunset in his new music video “Miles Away,” where he taps into the magic of switching perspectives. Coated with layers of reggae, pop, R&B and calypso, “Miles Away” moves in a breezy and chill fashion that carries you like a feather:

“‘Miles Away’ came about after a good conversation, talking about how the very things that frustrate us, can become the things that takes the weight off our backs.

Musically I wanted it to be real chilled, a fusion of rock, pop and reggae. Something that you could easily head bop too, but still make you feel to take drive down North Coast Road (In Trinidad) on an evening at sunset time,” shared Kalpee.

The track is from Kalpee’s EP Home, which is out now.