Listen To James Hersey & ELI’s “Hands On Me” While You Cry In The Car

Or shower

Still from James Hersey – Hands On Me (Mood Video) YouTube

Our morning routine consists of coffee, crying in the shower, getting ready, and crying more while driving through LA traffic. Berlin-based artists James Hersey and ELI offers us a soothingly, warm anthem that we could cry to titled “Hands On Me.” It’s minimalistic, but all the hooks and loops are intricately arranged to pull the right heartstrings. The video shows the duo through a vintage-like aesthetics that offers a quiet meditation:

“‘Hands On Me’ is about loving someone who’s lost the power to love themselves. It’s about offering yourself as a sanctuary for the other when times get bad. We want to give our fans the courage and means to speak up and reach out when it’s all too much. To show them that we’re here for them, and that we should all be here for one another,” shared James Hersey & ELI.

You probably know of James from his debut EP Pages, which has garnered over 400 million streams on Spotify. Be on the lookout for more beats that will make you laugh, cry or both next year.