Nancy’s “The World’s About To Blow (Thank God It’s Christmas)” Is Everything

Our kind of holiday song

Artwork courtesy of Super Cat PR

As Mariah Carey’s royalties shoot up exponentially and we get flooded with sale ads, there’s an undeniable feeling of doom that starts expanding our existential hole. You feel that the world will end coz 2019 didn’t turn out the way you wanted. Or the simple thought of mortality scares you while everyone around you seem so festive. Nancy captures that cheery misery in his new anthem “The World’s About To Blow (Thank God It’s Christmas)” where he uses a deceitfully upbeat melody filled with bells and snowflakes that celebrate our impending doom. Also, it’s a shoutout to Santa Claus:

“No matter what side you’re on, there’s one thing we can surely all agree on: everything has gone wrong and we’re all going to hell in a hand basket…so let’s all join together and find strength in the consensus that we’re all fucked and that it’s okay to cover your eyes and ears and just get mortal to celebrate the birth of our lord and saviour: Santa Claus” shared Nancy.

Merry Christmas ya’ll.