From Sex Work To Climate Change, New Shack Dissects Without Filter In New EP ‘So Soda’

A melodic odyssey into the dark corners of earth

Photo: Courtesy of Purple Bite

Synthwave duo New Shack delves into the darkest territories of humanity in their new EP So Soda. Melodically, it is their boldest and most colorful record yet where they explore a wide range of topics including sex work, climate change, and personal crisis/growth. But if you don’t pay attention to the lyrics, the songs feel like soothing nursery rhymes that are equal parks upbeat and heartbreaking. Stream below:

So Soda is our strangest record yet. But it all came together seamlessly and effortlessly. Lyrically it’s probably our darkest material and discusses a broad range of issues from sex work to climate change,” shared the duo.

New Shack are Madge and Eric Robertson who are both working producers and artists on their own. They’re currently based in Provo, UT.