Learn The Art Of Pseudo-Scientific Method In Patternist’s “Feature’s Dead, Angela”

Cinematic dream pop

Still from Patternist – Feature’s Dead, Angela (Official Music Video) YouTube

With the boom of social media, our intellect and perspectives have gone more tunnel-visioned rather than open. Patternist taps into such phenomenon in his new video “Feature’s Dead, Angela” where he becomes a scientist who wants to control your brain. It looks like he is conducting a very sophisticated scientific method process with his fellow scientist, but honestly the pristine lab coats are what makes them look so intellectual and ‘right.’ The track is an explosive dream pop piece that feels celestial and expansive, contrary to its actual lyrical topic. Enjoy:

“‘Feature’s Dead, Angela’ is about this obsessive need to feel like you always have the moral and intellectual high ground, and how that type of grandstanding is exacerbated by social media. It’s such an emotionally and cognitively taxing state to be in, and I think it can spill over to how we form relationships outside of these online avatars. When we decided we wanted to do a video for the track, the challenge was how to take the core thesis of the song and try to add some levity to it. After working with Aaron and Anneliese on the video for ‘I Don’t Feel Real,’ we thought only their twisted minds were the right fit to do it justice. Don’t we all sort of secretly wish there was an easy way to get people to see the world the way we do, to accept our opinions as fact and make all our interactions both on and offline easier and less stressful?” shared Patternist.

The track is from his latest record I Don’t Know What I’m Doing Here, which was released back in September via Invogue Records.