REYNA Celebrates Unconditional Self-Love In “Clueless”


Photo: Ariel Kassulke

Ending this year with glitz and glitter, REYNA beckons us to sing along and practice self-love in their new video “Clueless.” Directed by Gabi Olmedo, the video showcases the sister duo singing in what appears to be a solo party setting. It’s warm and reminds you to never stop celebrating yourself:

“I’ve spent most of this year feeling pretty clueless, struggling with anxiety, self-esteem, and feeling like I’m not enough for the people in my life. I’ve felt like I keep letting the people I love down and it’s been really hard to crawl out of that feeling. ‘Clueless’ is me saying to myself I deserve to be loved, to be happy and that I am enough, but most importantly I’ve learned to accept and love myself the way I am,” shared Gabi Olmedo.

“Clueless” is from REYNA’s upcoming debut EP, which will be arriving in spring 2020.