mxmtoon’s “unspoken words” Is Your Guide To Being An Okay Family Member

Celebrate (& survive) your family reunion these holidays

Photo: Hannah Simpson

As 2019 lives its last days, we’re all flying, driving, or walking to spend time with our families this holiday season. It’s the best and worst thing that we’ll ever do this year and mxmtoon is giving us a handy survival guide to be okay at it. Her video “unspoken words” captures both the frustrations and love that comes with family as we watch the gal play a peculiar simulation of various holiday situations that you might be forced into:

“This music videos means a lot to me, as I was really able to dive into my experience growing up as Chinese-American! It’s rare and wonderful when you’re able to share pieces of your world, and working on this video was both challenging in trying to express a personal story in a fun way but to keep it meaningful as well. Videos have been my favorite way of expressing my songs visually so far, and this one is no exception,” shared mxmtoon.

“unspoken words” is from her debut album the masquerade, which is out now. You can catch her on tour with Lauv next year:

4/17 – Motel Mozaïque (Rotterdam, Netheralands)

6/16 – Manpho Convention Center (Bangalore, India)

6/18 – NSCI Dome (Mumbai, India)

6/25 – Legacy Max (Taipei, Taiwan)

6/27 – Istora Senayan (Jakarta, Indonesia)