Emily Lind’s “Castles” Is A Reminder To Be Good To Yourself


Photo: Evan Bigelow

LA-based artist Emily Lind, whom you probably know her from Doctor Sleep, reminds us to be gentler to ourselves in her new single “Castles.” Produced with Jerry Powell (A$AP Rocky), the track delineates our tendency to get tunnel-visioned when the pessimism switch goes on. It’s a minimalistic laidback track with subtle dark undertones where Emily’s vocals walk us through our emotional rationale:

“‘Castles’ is a song about letting go of the pressure we (as humans) tend to put on ourselves. As a musician I use music as an outlet. Therefore, I find myself writing the most at times of sadness, and hardships. Personally, I feel that we all like to focus too much on the bad shit going on, that we then, muddy all the good things in the process. I wrote this track because I needed to hear it. I needed someone to say that in life, issues will inevitably arise. Though, we can’t stop them from doing so, we can always change how we choose to perceive them. Accept the bad stuff, learn from it, and then LET IT GO. This song is for this listener. Label it with your name. Make it whatever you need to hear. This song is for you,” shared Emily.

Emily will be releasing her record in February 2020, so stay tuned.