Needshes’ “Superstar” & “Unbelievable” Are Official Lay’s Chip Ad Soundtracks

Packed with fun

Photo: Yan Yugay

Needshes is back with two new singles “Superstar” and “Unbelievable,” which will be featured in Lay’s chips TV ads across 32 European countries. And there’s a good reason for it – both tracks pack upbeat fun atmospheres that make you wanna dance while munching on the salty goodness. They’re also hooky, inviting, and has a punch of color that make them mood-boosters:

“‘Superstar’ Illuminated by the night lights of Las Vegas and warmed up with the Mexican carnival motifs this gem visualizes a dream of being a superstar that is coming true before our eyes. The result is a tune so well endowed it could charm everyone in need of a slinky weekend starter. Lyrically, NEEDSHES surpass themselves: “When you hold your Stratocaster and your lips touch microphone, Every priest and every bastard now will find his holy home,” explained Needshes.

“‘Unbelievable’ is an introspective part of the release. Gentle soulful sound, the song carries a sense of admiration for the perfect image of the beloved. We’ll surprisingly find hard to resist disco dance floor on the second verse, while the chorus brings us the fragile emotion as if something beautiful is vanishing into thin air. Deeply influenced by the masterpiece ‘Random Access Memories,’ it sounds both nostalgic and futuristic with slight electronic shades.