REECE’s “China Blue” Is For Moments When You Think About Your Toxic Ass Traits

Deep reflection

Photo courtesy of Love By Mistake

As you reflect back on all the things you could’ve handled better in 2019, here’s REECE’s “China Blue” to fill you heart and background. The track boxes us into the self-reflection phase that comes with breakup. Granted, it’s about a relationship but breakups can be applicable to anything – like we’re breaking up with another weird year called 2019. Over slow-burning buzz and slithering croons, REECE captures the melancholia that we feel when it comes to dissecting and learning about ourselves:

“In my life, whenever I’ve had a breakup (whether it be romantic, or platonic) I try to analyze what I did right and what I could improve on. China Blue is about me self-reflecting after a breakup and realizing that I have some toxic ass traits that need to be worked on,” shared REECE.

REECE broke into the scene back in 2014 with his debut single “Ghost.” Recently based in LA, REECE has gone through a personal mental and physical transformation to get healthier. Now he’s getting ready to share more tunes in 2020 so expect more REECE goodness in the upcoming weeks.