Badison Explores Loneliness Within Novelty In New Single “This Town’

Newness is the new isolation

Artwork courtesy of the artist

German artist Badison explores a rare breed of loneliness in her new single “This Town” where she uses a chest-swelling, celestial melancholia to dissect the feelings of loss and confusion that comes with being alone in a new city. “This Town” taps into moving into a new place in order to feel less lonely, yet experiencing the opposite. The cinematic melody captures the grandeur of urban energy that feels both dreamy and moody at the same time:

“‘This Town’ is a song I wanted to write a long time ago. I thought I would start a fresh new life when I moved to another country some years ago, and that I would finally feel like I belong somewhere but it never happened. When I finished writing it I realized it’s not just about how I’m feeling in my new surroundings, it’s about my whole life and how devastating it is to fit in somewhere, specially when you’re an introvert,” shared the gal.

Badison will be announcing tour dates for 2020 soon, so stay tuned.