E^ST’s “Flight Path” Is Synthpop For Once Intimate Strangers

That awkward situation of being strangers with a familiar person

Photo courtesy of DediKATed PR

Aussie artist E^ST boxes us into that weird moment we find ourselves in when we become strangers with someone whom we used to be close with in new single “Flight Path.” Playfully bouncy and airy, “Flight Path” is an unapologetic anthem that addresses the elephant in the room when you run into your ex-whatever:

“‘Flight Path’ is a bittersweet song that tells the story of going from being close and intimate with someone, to being complete strangers,” shared E^ST. “It touches on the odd feeling of being alone again and all the possibilities that come with that.”

The track is from E^ST’s upcoming debut album I’m Doing It, which will be out in 2020. She’ll also be announcing tour dates soon.