The Hempolics’ “Play On” Is Instant Fun

An upbeat rush

Photo: Courtesy of Kartel Music Group

If you’re struggling with SAD (Seasonal Affecitve Disorder) or all the Xmas songs are giving you moody nostalgia, here’s a fresh reggae-infused, electro banger “Play On” by The Hempolics. The UK group has teamed up with Juno Awards-winning Canadian artist Dubmatrix in this playful, colorful anthem where they throw us horns, rolls disco balls, and bounces off dub-indebted beats. Enjoy:

Grippa Laybourne (Dub FX, Keys), Nubiya Brandon (Vocals), Dandelion (Vocals), Harry Collier (Vocals, Guitar), Leon King (Guitar), Lorenzo (Bass) and Craig Boorman (Drums) are the humans behind The Hempolics. The group is currently getting ready to release their new album next year, so stay tuned.