The Feather’s “Sister” Is A Confirmation That Social Media Is A Weird Parasite

Psych pop

Photo: Courtesy of Love By Mistake

Belgian artist The Feather, Thomas Medard’s solo project, hovers over the weirdly parasitic nature of social media in new single “Sister.” Through strumming strings and sizzling riffs, The Feather creates a mind-boggling soundscape that shuffles through the weird effect that social media can have on our rewards system and soul. It’s great for your existential musings:

“‘With Sister I wanted to describe how I – and the others around me – relate to screens. How social media affect us all, how we are connected at all time while deeply disconnected from reality. Does social media connect or disconnect us? The contradiction between having the ability, the ‘power’ to know everything about someone in just a few clicks…while having the feeling of being watched ourselves.  Musically this song marks a turning point in my writing with the use of bass as the main instrument of composition, which is the case of other pieces of the album (coming soon).”

The Feather will be playing a show at the end of this month:

1/31 – VOLTA (Anderlecht, Belgium)