margot Spreads Body Hair Love In New Video “Strip It”

Yup, body hair

Photo: Theodorah Ndlovu

In a world where we pour our wallets into waxing, lasering, threading, shaving, and plucking, London-based artist margot openly celebrates body hair in new video “Strip It.” It’s highly carnal where both male and female body hair of all forms are shown in an aesthetically sensual way. “Strip It” celebrates body positivity, including those fine long threads that grow out of your body:

On her new video, Margo shared: “’Strip It’ is a super personal project for me on many levels. The song logs my meditations on learning to love my body hair and questioning why so many people are so disgusted by it.”

In addition, the visuals in the video will appear in an exhibition alongside photographer Theodorah Ndlovu’s works on January 18th in Unit31 (London). If you’re in the city, don’t miss it.