The Know Depict Crowded Loneliness In New Video “Hold Me Like You Know Me”

Shoegaze pop

Photo: Courtesy of Alex High PR

LA-based duo The Know depicts the weird feeling of isolation we can experience within a crowd in new video “Hold Me Like You Know Me.” The video features dancer Lexee Smith who expresses the inner tension and unleashes the emotional burden through mesmeric choreography. The crowd surrounding Lexee is blind to her dance, showing how the lack of connection and awareness of someone can lead to loneliness even in the most social setting:

The Know’s Jennifer Farmer revealed:

“This is a very personal song. It describes a feeling of intense loneliness and isolation which I’ve dealt with a lot this past year. Wanting to be seen, felt, loved and adored. Although it’s written from a romantic perspective, I think this feeling is also true of friendships, family, etc. Especially in this modern day and age, where everyone is so detached and in their own worlds, it’s hard to feel connected on any kind of genuine level. You can be in a room full of people and still feel lonely.”

Comprised of married couple Jennifer and Daniel Knowles, they began songsmithing in late 2018. Since forming they’ve released a debut EP and has been building a wide fanbase for their shoegazy sound. Stay tuned for more beats from the couple this year.