Boniface’s “Oh My God” Is The Midpoint Between Euphoria & Heartbreak


Photo: Ally Gonzalo

Canadian artist Boniface, aka Micah Visser, nestles us into that cathartic moment between euphoria and heartbreak in new single “Oh My God.” The track boxes us into that doubt-filled moment of uncertainty when we decide to confess our feelings to someone. Despite the potential pain that may follow, Boniface reminds us of the emotional catharsis one can get by opening up:

On his new single, Visser shared: “’Oh My God’ is about letting someone know how you feel emphatically but without expectation. Love can feel big and scary and complicated but mostly I think it’s just about speaking your truth and letting it lie. With ‘Oh My God,’ I’m speaking my truth and letting it lie.”

The track is from Boniface’s upcoming self-titled debut record, which will be released on February 14th via Transgressive Records.