North Downs’ ‘Dads Old Tapes’ EP Is A Glitchy, Robust Record Of Weird Sounds

Sounds as cool as, if not cooler than, your parents’ record


Photo: Shua Made & Jimmy Herrtage Sharkbait

UK artist North Downs keeps his online existence a mystery by covering his face with the rainbow version of The Grudge’s hair. We think North Downs is a he but who cares. He makes exquisite, jangly sounds out of the weirdest harmonies that leaves you with a semi-smiling, huh face. His latest EP Dads Old Tapes, is a record built on a collage of synthwaves, fragmented pop, and glitchy ambience that yield a rich euphonious confusion. At times it feels like you’re listening to an avant garde record that is beyond contemporary pop while in other times it feels like you’re listening to your parents record that you found in the garage with the Walkman: