Songwriting Is Another Form Of Self-Torture In Guest Singer’s “Think Face”

“Why can’t we just skip to the part where we all get what we want?”

Photo: Graeme Oxby

UK trio Guest Singer teaches us another synonym for self-torture in new single “Think Face.” Yes, he’s talking about songwriting and how much it can affect you both mentally and emotionally. Through a chill 80s-washed synths, gauzy guitar strings and bass lines, Guest Singer unleashes the inner war that artists go through with their own creativity:

“Essentially, it’s about the emotional effort of song writing,” frontman Jake Cope explained. “How it can snare you in a psychologically abusive relationship with yourself; requiring so much identity and only offering up small moments in return. When the music fades all that we’re left with is limbo days.”

“Think Face” is from the band’s upcoming sophomore EP Limbo Days, which will be out on February 14th via Heist or Hit.