Jamie Lane’s “EZ” Is A Groovy Treat For All Of Us Who Struggle With Human Connections

Humans are too complicated

Photo: Tahlia Day

Aussie artist Jamie Lane catapults us into the dancefloor in new single “EZ” where he breaks down our desire to connect with someone on a genuine level. Anchored by a bouncy beat and silky synths that glide along with your adrenaline, “EZ” uses simple hooky lyrics that nail down the despair we feel when we’re becoming distant to someone. But the dripping fluidity of the track helps you to digest those feelings:

“The lyrics are about the anxiety of being unable to establish a true connection with someone you have feelings for due to a sense of detachment in the moment. The heavier lyrical content is intentionally juxtaposed with an upbeat and ‘in the moment’ dance style, with heavy emphasis on the aesthetics of timbre and percussion to convey a sense of atmosphere,” explained Jamie Lane.

“EZ” is out now via AWAL.