Luna Shadows “millennia” Is For All Of Us Who Are Tired Of Passive Aggression BS


Photo: Larsen Sotelo

LA-based artist Luna Shadows taps into the frustrating and confusing nature of passive aggression in new single “millennia,” a gorgeous piece that is built on an explosive pulse. The bursting choruses paired with the smashing beats channel the inevitable chaos that emerges when some decides to half-ass in expressing their honesty. Enjoy:

“‘millennia’ is essentially about different styles of dispute and communication. There are some people who prefer to confront things right away and talk until resolution is reached; conversely, there are others who run in the opposite direction and avoid confrontation all together. I personally find that the silent treatment tends to be more painful than confrontation,” shared Luna.

Co-produced by Bradley Hale (Now Now) and Thomas Powers (The Naked & Famous), the track is from her upcoming sophomore album, which is still in the works.