Spinning Coin’s “Ghosting” Is The Byproduct Of Instant Coffee & All-Nighter

The best & worst things happen at night

Photo: Owen Godbert

Spinning Coin takes us into a world of color deprivation and weird facial expressions in new video “Ghosting.” The track was born from an all-nighter that vocalist/guitarist Sean Armstrong pulled right before the day he was supposed to move out of his apartment. Since Sean is a fully grown adult, he can act as irresponsible and immature as he wants. Maybe it’s the howling choruses or the gauzy layers, but there’s something cathartic about “Ghosting” that makes you feel like you’ve unleashed some inner baggage after listening to it:

In Sean’s own words, “It was written in the small hours of a morning in my cockroach-infested flat in Glasgow, on the day that I was to move out. I hadn’t packed any of my things but stayed up all night sitting on the floor screaming into a microphone, drinking instant coffee. In the late am when my friends came to help me move, I still hadn’t put anything into boxes or slept, and was faint and dehydrated; but had written the first version of this song.”
“Ghosting” is from Spinning Coin’s upcoming record Hyacinth, which will be out on February 21st. They will kick off tour in March:

3/12 – Sneaky Pete’s (Edinburgh, UK)

3/13 – Beat Generator Live! (Dundee, Scotland)

3/14 – Soup Kitchen (Manchester, UK)

3/15 – CCA (Glasgow, Scotland)

3/17 – The Exchange Basement (Bristol, UK)

3/18 – The Lexington (London, UK)

3/19 – Prince Albert (Brighton, UK)

3/20 – Supersonic (Paris, France)

3/21 – Cinetol (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

3/23 – Urban Spree (Berlin, Germany)