Delyn Grey Addresses Mental Health In New Intimate Video “Battle”

Alt rock

Photo: Courtesy of Independent Music Promotions

Through noir visuals and glass-cutting vocals, Delyn Grey give us an unfiltered look into depression in her new single “Battle” where the gal shares her own experience with it. Though cinematic piano drips and chest-swelling melody, “Battle” blooms with dark tones where the emotional heftiness can be felt in the air. Delyn’s vocals are invigorating to say the least – her seamless ability to hit low and high notes smoothly help her channel both the loneliness and heartache that people experience in such state. The video depicts Delyn in monochrome aesthetics where we see the gal singing alone in her room while staring at a window. The room, in this case, can symbolize the state of her mind where she feels imprisoned by the dark haunting thoughts. But the window embodies the message of hope that Delyn leaves gifts us:

On the influence behind her single, the gal shared: “When I turned 17 I fell into the heaviest depression, ever.  I chose to take advantage of it, and what was trying to break me. Battle, among other tracks, is the product of my resistance, acceptance, and fight during that time. Vocalizing my frustration, fear, and anger is what eventually got me through it. My hope is that this song will find people that need it, just like it found me.”

Based in Toronto, Delyn is currently getting ready to release her EP Disappointment Girl, which is co-produced by Justin Abedin. The EP is the byproduct of her own soul-searching process as an individual and as an artist. “I’ve never been one for ‘bulk songwriting’. If I need to say something, it finds a way out,” she shared.

Be on the lookout for more details from Delyn this year.