Erich Mrak’s “See You In September” Is Existential Escapism To A Worn-Out Generation


Photo: Courtesy of Independent Music Promotions

Rising Toronto artist Erich Mrack taps into our desire for escapism from the mundane routine of existence in new video and single “See You In September.” The video and song speaks to our generational frustration of being stuck in a job we don’t want, feeling lost, and using drugs to numb our pain. “My life is sideways” is the opening lyrics of the track, where Erich starts diving deep into the soul-eating pain of an angsty generation too high on drugs, material goods and urban chaos. The video follows a young character who takes us into his own depression while dealing with the breakneck, external pressures. “Trying to find the right ways” raps Erich over the lo-fi soundscape. Watch below:

Erich, who has been making at the age of seven, captures the daily anxiety and hope of our lives in the most precise and merciless manner with his melancholic music. Within the despair of his music, there is something comforting about his songs that makes it hard to quit. Produced by Bento, “See You In September” is the young artist’s latest beat that showcases his knack for crafting laidback soundscapes that offer an interlude from the chaotic pace of life. “See You In September” feels like a song that speaks to us right now, but also again in nine months when we’re in September and may still be struggling with our own self-discovery. It is what makes “See You In September” both soothing and tragic at the same time.