Magical Beasts’ ‘Yes, My Love, I Am Reaching’ Is An EP Of Risqué Devotion

An ode to love

Photo: Courtesy of Independent Music Promotions

Chicago trio Magical Beasts shows us the different faces of love in new EP Yes, My Love, I Am Reaching, a highly carnal and spiritual record that uses both the emotional complexity and lustful pleasures present in a relationship. Comprised of Nathan Paulus, Josh Miller and John Herbst, Magical Beasts was formed by Nathan and is mostly known for their folk sound. Their latest EP, Yes, My Love, I Am Reaching, was released on December 20th of last year:

“This album is full of love songs and devotional music. There is a fair amount of sexual imagery so there is no mistaking the type of devotion we are speaking about with a religion, and while not religious, nor is it purely sexual. The dynamics between Love, Sex, deep Yearning, and various forms of Union are for the listener to parse out themselves. The release is very much intended to be listened to around the time of the Winter Solstice, and is very much a Winter record,” shared Nathan.

The opener, “Come Find Me,” is a broody track tangled with strides of folk strings that beckon listeners into a dreamy soundscape where connection meets desires. The following track “7 Nights,” is a smoothly burning piece where the guitar strikes and violin glides boxes us into an intimate instance that feel like it’s playing out in slo-mo.

In “Darling,” the bouncy riffs provide a space of airiness where the multi-echoing choruses channel a form of celestial devotion to someone. There’s equal parts longing and idealizing within the track that makes it feel like it was either made for someone absent or someone who was right beside you – whoever that person is, “Darling” depicts it as someone who has a rapturing effect on you. The slow-burning track “In Praise” dissects a physical instance of closeness and the ways fate has brought two individuals together.

“Little Buds” is perhaps the most cathartic moment of the record, where Magical Beasts uses minimalistic – yet crafty – rhythms to keep our adrenalines flowing. The quartet wraps up the EP with “Farthest Shore,” a gauzy and ethereal piece that lets us marvel in the same starry-eyed soundscape that we first entered in the beginning.