Resurrection Fern Bares Her Vulnerability In New EP ‘Fern’

Minimalistic yet heavy

Photo: Courtesy of Independent Music Promotions

Nashville artist Resurrection Fern taps into some heavy-hearted topics through minimalistic, poetic songs in her new EP Fern. Comprised of six tracks, the record is a self-introspection that dives deep into the most vulnerable corners of our own psyche. The opener, “Coffee,” already throws us into the chaotic and confusing transition of growing up – whether as an artist or adult – that she depicts through the caffeine metaphor. “Coffee rings on the shelf / Writing messages to myself / About who I’m supposed to be.” It’s a track where Resurrection captures the internal and external battle we face as we try to come into terms with who we want to be rather who we should be according to others.

In “Savanna,” she zooms into our ever-haunting dilemma towards faith and fate. The gal openly embraces her religion, but also celebrates her own willpower reflecting her generational view towards faith. In “Hi Lo,” Resurrection takes us into the broodiest and moodiest part of our minds. The slow-burning violin and stretchy choruses takes us into an intense space of loneliness. From there, the gal bounces us back to an upbeat space in “Siren,” where she lets us ruminate on the journey of self-growth. In “Wayside” we delve into another level of vulnerability where she taps into our own dreams and the way we handle our own honesty towards it. “The dream isn’t what it seems” she chants.

The highlight of the record is towards the end in “The Way That You” featuring Ub1k where the smoky vocals of Ub1k add an ethereal touch to the track. It is probably the most heartbreaking and heart-warming track where the simple lyrics evoke a heavy sense of longing and connection. Fern is a record that soars not because of its sonic density, but its ability to deliver hefty emotions through simplicity making it more relatable and open for its audience.