Rob Alexander’s ‘Being Myself’ Is A Record Of Identity


Photo: Courtesy of Independent Music Promotions

Hailing from South Florida, Rob Alexander is a physician Anesthesiologist who also happens to be an artist. His latest record Being Myself, released back in November 25th of last year, takes us into the never-ending journey of identity and being comfortable with ourselves. The record features three current members of Elton John’s band: Matt Bissonette (bass), Kim Bullard (keyboards), and John Mahon (percussion). Additionally, it features guitarists Robbie Angelucci and Kevin Taylor, with production by Gabe Lopez. The opener, “This Hollywood Road” is an upbeat intro into the album where the bouncy riffs sets the tone. The following track, “Being Myself,” it’s a reflection of one’s sense of self that celebrates being true to one’s identity. “I’m on trial for being myself” he chants.

There is a consistent celebration of life and selfhood throughout the record. In “We own This Town Tonight” and “Life As We Know It,” we are taken into a waltz that swing between dancefloor and rock show. There’s an Elton John-esque vibe throughout the record and Rob acknowledges by paying tribute to the artist in “Friend of Mine (Elton’s Epic).” From this artist-to-artist ode, Rob takes us into a starry-eyed path with his singles “Our Love Will Last Forever” and “We’re Living in a Dream.”

Perhaps the most notable moment of the record in “Fed Up,” an edgy soundscape built on a euphoric dose of anger and cheeriness. This balance of cathartic bounciness is also present in “I-O-U,” a hooky piece that charges your adrenaline while letting you release any tension through the invigorating riffs.

Throughout the record, we learn something about Rob – he doesn’t take relationships for granted. In “American Love Song,” he’s a hopeless romantic whereas in “Another Love Affair” he boxes us into the initial rapture of meeting someone whom you can connect with genuinely. Despite the title, “Another Love Affair” actually delineates a new relationship where Rob can see beyond just being an affair.

The most thrill-inducing momentum of the record is in “Secrets & Lies” where Rob injects you with blood-rushing strings as he dissects the haunting cost of dishonesty. “My advice is pay the price for the secrets & lies” chants Rob.

One lesson of being true to oneself is love and Rob reminds us the emotional value of it in each song. The penultimate track “Kaden” is built with striking guitar strings that wound you with romanticism. Being Myself wraps up with “Loved By You,” which can be interpreted as both a love song for a partner or yourself. As we exit the record, Rob leaves us with the message how much of our journey to being comfortable with ourselves is comprised of reflection and our relationships.