Monako Redefine Self-Care In “Take Care Of Me”

Broody, lo-fi

Photo: Florian Thoss

Canadian-German band Monako analyzes the art of self-care in new dreamy single “Take Care Of Me” where they delve deeper into its meaning. Through downtempo, shimmering percussions and slow-burning atmosphere, the track is a pensive piece that offers a warm hazy space to pour your thoughts out. The video, directed by Damineh Vaezpour-Semnani and Julia Wiedenmann, offers an intimate portrait of isolation and connection:

Regarding the video, the directors shared: “Visually the audience is presented with near still lives of intimacy, co-dependency and loneliness in the form of human sculptures portrayed by our friends and loved ones.”

Monako further added, “the composition, while built on calm and soothing images is often lightly distorted and twisted as to represent the narrow and frail path we each take to keep everything together and the chance of it all going downhill.”

“Take Care of Me” is from their sophomore EP Take Care, which is out now. The quintet will kick off their European tour in April, so don’t miss them: