Surf Rock Is Dead’s “Diabolik” Is Dedicated To All The People You’ve Lived Before

And killed your hope for humanity

Photo: Shamshawan Scott

Brooklyn-based duo Surf Rock is Dead, whom we’ll just call SRiD, is addressing a highly controversial and unsexy topic in their new single “Diabolik.” Yes, we’re talking about shitty roommates who turn your communal living space into Dante’s Inferno. The track is a dreamy piece weaved with lo-fi riffs that yield a hazy, high soundscape filled with delight. Whether you had bad roommates or not, here’s “Diabolik” – a song dedicated to people who make you lose hope for our species:

Regarding the single, the duo shared:

“‘Diabolik’ is about dealing with some extreme situations we’ve encountered living with various people in NYC. Sometimes you never know what you’re going to get… Whether it be a roommate sleeping on the bathroom floor, a pile of who-knows-what on the living room floor, or strangers ending up in YOUR room, sometimes it’s not exactly how you imagined your life. ‘Diabolik’ is a venting of those crazy roommate situations that suck in the moment, but given enough time, actually are pretty damn funny.”

The track is from their upcoming LP Existential Playboy, which will be out on May 1st.