Time To Go Back To Our Happy Place With Ami Cheon’s “Good Good”

And by happy place we mean our rooms, PJs & music out loud

Photo: Courtesy of the artist

Canadian artist Ami Cheon captures the nostalgic feeling of going back to a the good times in her new single “Good Good.” Built on soulful vocals and chilled-out R&B soundscape, “Good Good” is an introspective piece where Ami uses past memories to build hope for the future. Stream below:

“‘Good Good’ is about wanting to get back to the place where love flourishes, when things have been circling the drain for some time. I want you to feel like your relationship (or life, even) can still have a chance to exist in that better place as you listen… And if you believe that and feel it strongly enough, maybe it can be true,” shared Ami.

Based in Winnipeg, Ami has already played in various festivals and concerts across Western Canada and is currently getting ready to roll out new music.