GHUM’s “California” Is An Ode To Fugitive Haven


Photo: Poppy Marriott

London-based quartet GHUM pays tribute to our personal eden in new blazing single “California.” Through smashing riffs and smudged dark tones, GHUM uses “California” as a metaphor for a place where you can run away and start a new life. With sparkling elements of grunge, GHUM injects us with a cathartic rush of madness and hope:

“When we first started writing it, jamming at rehearsals, California kept popping into my head and I started singing it as a chorus. I’ve never been there but I see it as a very idealistic place, somewhere to run away and start from zero. A hope for a good ending or a new beginning,” shared GHUM’s Guerrero Lora, “The song talks about a love story that was condemned to end badly. The hope and love that both had at the beginning is represented by the idea of running away to California, which they planned, but never end up doing. California is just an idea that makes them remember the good times they had together and what their lives could have been like.”

GHUM are Guerrero (Spain), Marina MJ (Brazil), Jojo Khor (London), and Vicki Butler (London) who released their critically acclaimed single “Saturn” last year. The quartet is currently getting ready to hit the stages in the upcoming days, so don’t miss them:

30 Jan | Electrowerkz, London

5 Mar | 6 Music Festival, London

28 Mar | Ritual Union, Bristol

25 Apr | Are You Listening? Festival, Reading

3 May | Stag & Dagger, Glasgow

6 Aug | Haldern Pop, Rees-Haldern, DE

7 Aug | CanelaParty, Malaga, ES