BIIANCO Purges Out Toxicity In “13 Dead End Drive”


Photo: Chase Leonard

LA-based artist BIIANCO lets us detox any toxicity that doesn’t serve any purpose in our lives in her new video “13 Dead End Drive.” Through intense, blazing visuals and hemorrhage of white blood, BIIANCO symbolizes the narrative of being reborn into a better and stronger version of yourself. The track, which was inspired by her own experiences with sexism in the industry, is one groovy fuck you to all the bullies she’s encountered:

On her single BIIANCO explained:

“I started writing 13 Dead End Drive after a collaborator told me ‘I just wasn’t good enough to go anywhere’ in the music industry.  Their words hit super hard and devastated my confidence in my music.  I recorded myself singing ‘this is going to ruin my voice’ and chopped up those vocal samples, which ended up being the vocal samples that the chorus is based around.  This song is about reclaiming my own confidence in my voice and my art.  It’s about trusting your own artistic vision.  When I was working on the production for this song, I was super inspired by Madame Gandhi and her speeches on feminism.  I ended up hitting her up to put percussion on the song.

The music video for 13 Dead End Drive was made with an entirely womxn crew.  We used white tears, white baths, white blood and white eyes to symbolize the purging of outside influences and expectations that manifest in yourself as internal limitations.  It’s about exorcising the opinions of others from your mind that hold you back.  So often I have found that the negative opinions of others have an uncanny ability to snuff out the vibrant color from my creative expression.  To symbolize this, we made everything white.”

The gal has a show coming up soon:

2/10 – Elsewhere (Brooklyn, NY, USA)