Glassio’s “Are You Having Fun Without Me?” Is What You’ll Be Singing To Your Ex Drunk


Photo: Katelyn Kopenhaver

NY-based Irish-Iranian artist Glassio describes his sound as ‘melancholy-disco’ and we couldn’t agree more – his latest single “Are You Having Fun Without Me?” sounds exactly the song we’ll be singing to our ex at 3am after a series of bad shot decisions. It is also the type of song you’ll sing while crying on your commute to work as you think about all your Instagram friends who seem to be on a #wanderlust #rendezvous all year round. How can they afford it? It’s a mystery:

In his own words, Glassio shared: “Though anything I write is usually an amalgam of multiple experiences, this song was pretty personal and loosely inspired by the upbringing my siblings and I had. We were moved around a lot growing up, and lost touch with friends and family members. I had always wanted to write something that tackled our upbringings, and felt this song was a perfect portal for those sentiments. I wanted to leave it pretty open ended though and hope people can apply their own experiences to the song — whether it be betrayal, a breakup, or not being accepted by someone they love.”

The track features the backing choruses of Anna Beckerman and drumbeats from Charles Fauna. Make sure to keep Glassio under your radar if you want music for crying, dancing, or both.