Dance With Your Heartbreak With Jamie Isaac & Nosaj Thing’s “Next To Me”


Photo: Logan Fields

The best way to get over a heartbreak is to pour out your tears and sweat into the dancefloor. South Londoner artist Jamie Isaac joins forces with Nosaj Thing in their new single “Next To Me,” a house groove filled with delicate lyrics and hip-shaking synths that helps you numb your pain away. And even if you didn’t suffer from any heartbreak, “Next To Me” radiates a slick magnetism that you naturally slip towards:

On the new single, Nosaj commented: “I’m really trying to make music that people can actually move to. I love to dance myself… It was great working with someone who’d just say no – if he didn’t like my melodies he’d push back. Nosaj and I understand each other’s music, we have similar styles, and we’ve become really good friends. We’re making songs for people to have fun to – I’m into going down that route. I love pop music..!”

Jamie added further: “The lyrics are about what I’ve been through over the last half year – being with somebody for the last five or six years and not being with them anymore. I guess all the records I do are breakup records, but this is the breakup record.”

“Next To Me” is from the duo’s upcoming collaborative EP 3, which will be out on January 31st via Marathon Artists.