Japan, Man Taps Into Our Mental Self-Cannibalistic Tendencies In “Easy Target”

When you let your thoughts eat away your mind

Photo: PR Courtesy

Beirut artist Japan, Man taps into the self-cannibalistic side of our minds in new single “Easy Target” when we let overthinking and anxiety eat away our own sanity. Flicked with eerie tones and drenched with introspective ambience, “Easy Target” is shimmering alternative pop piece where the drizzling vocals of Japan, Man take us into the rollercoaster of our own thoughts. Stream below:

“‘Easy Target’ is a song I wrote about your own mind turning on you and making you feel targeted by almost everything. It’s about self-consciousness overtaking common sense and assurance,” shared Japan, Man.

Be on the lookout for a debut EP from the gal this upcoming spring.