Next Time You Remember Your Ex, Play Sorena’s “You Lose”


Photo: Courtesy of Central Station Records

Canadian/Iranian producer Sorena gives us the perfect track to sage away your ex’s energy with his new single “You Lose.” Through thumping layers anchored by a booming bassline, “You Lose” invites us into a detox party of your past. Hit play:

“I wrote ‘You Lose’ late on a Friday night. My ex had just recently left me and I was reflecting on my life and everything I’ve gone through over the last few years. It was a stream of consciousness type of moment, but the message I wanted to convey came out clear as day: Life is too short, and it can end at any moment. Don’t waste it being hung up on anyone or anything other than yourself,” shared Sorena.

Sorena has been making music behind the scenes but decided to finally unleash his own work into the world after a fatal motorcycle accident. He has worked with various producers and his credits include the 2018 hit song Travis Scott && Lil’ Wayne’s “Let It Fly.” Be on the lookout for more Sorena’s news.