Tommy Down’s “Don’t Think I’m Leaving Without You” Is A Soulful Ode To Finding Hope

Specifically, dating world

Artwork: PR courtesy

In an age where we’re saturated with dating apps and shallow instant gratifications, Tommy Down pays homage to finding the right person in new single “Don’t Think I’m Leaving Without You.” It’s a soulful single with inflections of funk where the skyrocketing vocals of Tommy alongside the melodic fluidity radiate the loneliness and hope that go side by side when you’re searching for another person to connect to:

“The track is about going out too much and falling down a rabbit hole, Groundhog Day style. This misguided behaviour could be a product of how disposable relationships feel in this day and age, especially with the unfortunate nature of dating apps, but it’s ultimately about finding salvation in one person,” explained Tommy.

Hailing from UK, Tommy has been making music since he was 14 and toured across Europe with the Bristol-based Jazz Orchestra at the age of 20. Currently working on more music, keep an ear out for more drops from him this year.