Courtney Paige Nelson Made A Song For Your Cheating Turdface Ex

And it’s called “Sorry I’m Not Perfect”

Photo: PR Courtesy

Hailing from San Francisco, Courtney Paige Nelson made the perfect song for a cheating ex who used I-found-the-perfect-girl excuse to break up. And of course, the song is titled “Sorry I’m Not Perfect” a hooky anthem that serves as a karmic midfinger to the cheaters out there. Aside from the emotional catharsis and punchy humor it offers, “Sorry I’m Not Perfect” is an edgy pop piece slashed and infused with the dark smokiness of R&B:

In her own words, she shared: “This song was extremely personal for me to write because it happened during a very dark time for me. It was my truth that I wanted to get out, after going through an extremely rough breakup. I guess you could call it therapeutic closure. I decided to call it ‘Sorry I’m Not Perfect’ because the last thing he said to me was: it’s not his fault he found a girl who was perfect. Referencing the girl he cheated on me with, thus the song was born.”

Courtney is currently working on her debut EP.